We offer a full range of therapeutic massage and bodywork services designed to enhance your health and well being.

Choose from Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, and Mini tune-ups if you need a shorter session to address an acute issue.  All massages include therapeutic grade essential oils, high quality jojoba oil, in a warm and comfortable studio located in beautiful Downtown Whitefish, Montana. We also offer Private Yoga sessions for those who would like either introduction to Yoga practice or receive specifically tailored postures for your body’s specific needs.

Deep Tissue

Are you suffering from painful muscle aches? A deep, therapeutic massage can help the body release toxins, alleviate pain, and assist in increased mobility of a constricted musculature.  Specific point work in problem areas will assist your body to release tension and reduce pain. A deep tissue massage will help to loosen muscles, eliminate trigger points, increase circulation, restore range of motion, address compensations, loosen scar tissue,  relieve pain from injuries,  and helps speed recovery from soft tissue injuries.

Relaxation Massage

Are you suffering from neck tension, headaches, stress, or insomnia? An energy balancing flowing massage, will help the body relax, regain balance, and restore inner peace.  A relaxation massage will help to reduce anxiety and depression, improve circulation, heighten mental alertness, reduce muscle tension, improve skin tone, and reduces stress hormones.  All these amazing benefits!  Have you booked yet?

Pregnancy Massage

Are you feeling the aches and soreness from your pregnancy? Pregnancy massage can help provide relief to the sore muscles as your body grows new life. We use a special Pregnancy Body Cushion so that you can lie face down comfortably to enjoy a healing and rejuvenating massage with one of our experienced therapists, each of whom are Mothers. A Pregnancy massage will help you relax, relieve discomfort from your changing body, and address compensations from your body’s changes during pregnancy.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Experience a decadent massage with warm Himalayan Salt Stones sending you into deep relaxation, balancing your body’s energy flow, softening muscles, systemically releasing tension.

Sports Massage

Specific techniques including Positional Release, Deep Tissue, and others will target areas to loosen fascia, muscles to improve range of motion, enhance performance and accelerate recovery time so you can do the things you love to do and be your best in doing so.


Private Yoga sessions are available to support your body’s unique and specific needs.